Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to encode HD anime

Hi all! :)

In my first post I would like to share with you how to encoding anime videos for beginner users.

In this guide, i will use MeGui, there is a lot of encoding programs, but i recommended MeGui, specially for beginner users, because it's easy to use and give a high definition episode with cool size.

Also i will show you a basic command to help you to create basic & good AVS scripit

Tools You need:
  1. MeGUI, Download it.
  2. Combined Community Codec Pack , Download it.
  3. Custom  MeGUI profiles, Download it.
  4. AvisynthDownload it.
  5. Nero AAC Codec, Download it.
  6. Any anime episode.
You can download all tools above .zip file form here, Download it.

How we will do it!

1- Setup Combined Community Codec Pack:

    In this setup will setup Combined Community Codec Pack, it's very easy step.

I recommended full installation, because it will give you all the features

I recommended the default settings

I change file association settings, and i choose to play all my videos with media player classic, you can choose "no change", to play your videos with you default video player

 2- Setup Avisynth:

Choose full type of setup

3- Setup  MeGUI : (important step)

     This step is very important, so bring a cup of coffee and try to give your best :)
  1. First extract to any folder you want. 
  2. Open MeGUI application.
  3. It will show automatic update, wait until the update is finish.
  4. Restart  MeGUI.
Now we will add Nero AAC Codec to MeGUI:

  1. Open MeGUI.
  2. Click Option.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Click External program settings.
  5. Then add Nero AAC Codec.

Now we will import Custom  MeGUI profiles:

     Cool! now we are ready to encoding :)


  1. Hello there~
    If possible, can you reupload the Custom MEGUI Profile so that i can try practicing using the encoder? Just found the tutorial and the link is dead... Hope you can replace it faster.

  2. Here we go:

  3. lol cant download that rapidshare .. can someone reup it on mediafire

    1. Here we go:

    2. why i cant load the files in MeGUI???

  4. why when i use avs cript ceator, it is failed??the status in queue is error

  5. Is it a big deal if I use KCP instead of CCCP?

  6. Sucks.
    I can't understand the part of the Nero what to do... I download that sh!@# and what? i place where!?

    And the "Now we will import Custom MeGUI profiles" Don't work too...

    Sorry for the hate but has been alot of tutorials that's SUCK's.